Bernie Books and Little Free Libraries

Take a book, return a book.

We are huge fans of Little Free Libraries and are spreading The Bernie Mission through these magical little boxes.

On a recent trip to Lake Erie, we found the ultimate Little Free Library, complete with two wonderful teachers!

We are thrilled to have new Ashtabula friends and hope to bring Bernie books to all of their little friends!

A year ago, the Little Free Library at Buhl Park in Hermitage, PA was vandalized. We didn’t know the Bernie books were in that library until we were watching the local news and saw ‘Bernie and the Beast’ floating in the lake. The library was rebuilt, and we gladly donated all four Bernie books to Rene, who had built the library in honor of her daughter, Danielle.

One of the most colorful Little Free Libraries that we have visited is in Randyland in Pittsburgh, PA. Artist, Randy Gilson, has a fascinating, magical courtyard that is open to the public.

To learn more about Little Free Libraries visit their website

2 thoughts on “Bernie Books and Little Free Libraries”

    1. Sorry I’m just seeing this Kala. I’m so happy you reached out to me on FB too. Much love to your sweet puppy and kiddos from Bernie and me 💜


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