This website is dedicated to Bernie and all the rescue puppies out there. Open your heart and your home. Save them and they will save you right back.

Sally Kurjan is the author of the children’s book series, Bernie the One-Eyed Puppy. In addition to the original Bernie book, Kurjan has written Bernie and the Beast,  Bee is for Bernie, and Bernie Goes to School.

Children, dogs and writing have always been Sally’s passions. Combining the love of all three, she is writing books about kindness and compassion, and spreading Bernie’s mission of inclusion.

Sally lives in Mineral Ridge, Ohio with her husband, stepson and their four-legged friends. She has four children, six grandchildren and loves spending time with her family and friends.

Sally reads Bernie the One-Eyed Puppy at schools, libraries and daycamps and even takes Bernie along sometimes! Bernie is her real-life little best friend and is currently going to school with the goal of being a certified therapy dog. Thanks to sponsorships, children receive their very own copy of Bernie the One-Eyed Puppy at most readings.

Bernie and Sally have been featured on television news segments, in the Youngstown newspaper, and on Valley Spotlight.  Bernie has also been featured on KTHV-11 Little Rock with Craig O’Neill. Craig reads Bernie the One-Eyed Puppy to children at schools in Arkansas on his Reading Roadtrips.

Bernie books are sold on Amazon, Target, Walmart and most bookstore websites. Please contact Sally at sallykurjan@gmail.com for more information.