Bernie and the Groomer

Puppies like Bernie need regular grooming. With that being said, our work schedules sometimes wreak havoc on Bernie’s grooming schedule and his hair goes out of control. Like, seriously out of this universe crazy.

IMG_0959Bernie has only had two haircut friends his entire life. Andrea made him beautiful for five years, and when she took a break from grooming, Lena took over with a flourish!


Bernie is not the easiest puppy to groom. In fact, he may be one of the hardest! However, the girls always take a scruffy puppy and turn him into a handsome doggy friend, and they never complain about his antics.


Yes, we love this scruffy face! In between grooming sessions, I do my best to keep up with brushing, combing and trimming.  (Refer back to him not being the easiest to groom.) Bernie also requires special attention around his injured eye – we have to keep it nice and clean.


While going for a grooming session might not be Bernie’s favorite thing to do, he always seems so proud of himself when he is freshly trimmed and smelling pretty!



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