Bernie’s Television Debut

Bernie has been a busy puppy since his first book was published! In September, he had his first television interview. Mike Case came to our house to tape a segment for Valley Spotlight, a show that focuses on positive stories and events in our area.

Bernie and I have never been on TV before so we were glad to have Grandma, Peepaw, Ashley and Charlotte at our house to help us get ready for our big day. Ron Flaviano made us feel at home in front of the camera, and Mike Case quickly became Bernie’s new best friend – complete with face kisses.

Here is the link to Bernie’s interview Bernie the One-Eyed Puppy.  Please be sure to message Valley Spotlight and let them know how much you liked it!


Bernie loved being on television and he plans to be on The Ellen Show and The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.  Bernie and I dream big, and our dreams are coming true!


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