Snow Bernie

Erie, Pennsylvania was hit with a record snowfall over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Their 36-hour total was 54″ and, last we heard, it is still snowing there! Our area doesn’t get near that much, but Bernie loves when it snows. 


Lhasa Apsos were originally bred to be guard dogs for Tibetan monks, so cold weather is their game. Bernie is much happier outside on a freezing cold day than being outdoors in the summer heat.


We are very careful not to let him play outside too long, even though we usually have to bribe him with a doggy treat to coax him inside. One winter we noticed that there were bare spots all over the backyard. We finally caught our snowplow puppy in action!


Bernie’s human friends like to play in the snow too! We aren’t built for the cold like he is, but we still love to build snowmen and go sledding. Ashley combined her skills to come up with one of the best snowmen ever.


There’s no better place for a tired little guy to take a nap than snuggled up with his friend on the couch. Playing in the snow is hard work!img_3642.jpg


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