How Bernie Found Us

We don’t know very much about the first few weeks of Bernie’s life. He was born with only one eye, probably due to trauma during birth. Since the breeder was not able to sell him, he was given to Changing Hearts Rescue.


Bernie was lucky to be fostered in a loving home with other puppies and children. The lady who took him in was very kind and made sure he had everything he needed. Several people came to see him, but didn’t want him because he only had one eye.


Bernie came running over to us when we stepped in the door of his foster home. I scooped him up and that was that. We quickly signed the adoption papers and little One Eyed Bernie was officially ours. I am thankful for his missing eye. Without that “flaw” we never would have found each other.


Bernie might be missing an eye, but he makes up for it with a big heart!


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