Bernie The One-Eyed Puppy is Published!

Five years ago I had the idea to write “Bernie books”. Not just one, but a whole series. The stories played out in my mind and in the minds of my family and friends. I’ve talked to anyone who would listen about my ideas – huge dreams and plans. Finally, after all these years, the first Bernie book is published and available worldwide on Amazon!


The turning point in turning the books into reality was meeting Shannara Harvey.  (Thank you, Gigi Benton!) Shanna and I are on the same page, literally.  Before I could even tell her what I was looking for, she told me her thoughts, and it was a magical moment. This wonderful artist couldn’t have done a better job if she had known Bernie his whole life. Her illustrations perfectly capture Bernie’s sweet personality.

The link to order a Bernie book is Bernie The One-Eyed Puppy . The feedback we have received from this book is absolutely amazing. Bernie’s message of kindness and acceptance is much needed and well received.



2 thoughts on “Bernie The One-Eyed Puppy is Published!”

  1. Read the story of Bearnie in the Youngstown Vindicator.. Immeadiately went on amazon and ordered the book for my nephew. I’m also big into animal rescue, and I loved the story of Bearnie. It doesn’t matter if you’re different, you’re still lovable with many good qualities. Need to have a meet and greet with Bearnie!


    1. Hi Dianne- thank you so much for your kind words and for ordering Bernie’s book! I hope your nephew enjoys the book as much as we do. I love your idea of a Bernie meet and greet!
      Thanks again,


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