Sleepy Days

New puppies sleep a lot and Bernie was no exception to that rule. He would run and run and run, playing with Spike, and then drop down on the floor sound asleep.

Spike didn’t mind. He would stop running and lay down by Bernie and take a rest, too. After a little nap, Bernie would jump up and off they would go again.


When Bernie was six or seven months old, I thought he should be big enough to go for a walk without having to lay down in the grass along the way. I took him to the vet to see if there was something wrong even though we figured it was only because he was a little guy.


Bernie’s doctor heard an abnormal rhythm when she listened to his heart, so we took him to a puppy dog heart doctor at Akron Veterinary Referral Center. Dr. Boddy was very nice to him and sat down on the floor so Bernie wouldn’t be nervous and scared. She did a few tests and sent us home with Bernie wearing a heart monitor! IMG_1166

We were very happy when Dr. Boddy told us that Bernie’s heart misfires sometimes when he is playing and going for walks, but it wasn’t anything that would require surgery. When he is older he may need to be on medication if it starts giving him more problems.


For now, Bernie is happy to run and play, and then take a cozy nap.


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