A Hot Cup of Tea

January 1st arrives with a flurry of resolutions and promises to exercise more, do more, or be more. Instead of adding more things to my to-do list, I am going to spend more time relaxing with a hot cup of tea. 

Every now and then, I see a post on FaceBook or Twitter about what we can learn from our dogs. Sleep when you’re sleepy, get excited when you see your friends, and find a comfy spot to relax are three of the words of wisdom that come to mind. Bernie is really good at all three of those things, but he is especially talented at finding a comfy spot.


Yep, your friend’s lawn-mowing shoes can make a great comfy spot! The couch works pretty good too, and it is even better with a toy.


So, this year I will take a lesson from Bernie. It is okay to relax, unwind, kick back and enjoy a hot cup of tea. We are not measured by how much we accomplish, but by how we love. Bernie takes the cake with that – he loves us more.

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