Bernie’s Friends

Bernie likes to be with his friends.  He is happiest when he is with his people friends and his animal friends! When Bernie first came to live with us, he had three puppy friends – Ubu, Bella and Spike. 


The older dogs tried to teach Bernie his manners, but he was quite a handful for them. Sometimes Ubu was completely exasperated with Bernie, but he still loved him.


Now Bella is the oldest of Bernie’s friends. She doesn’t have a lot of patience for his puppy antics, but she loves to cuddle with him and take naps. Bernie watches over her when she is outside and makes sure she is okay.


Spike and Bernie are buddies and have been known to get into quite a bit of trouble together. They are the backyard barking duo and can sound like an entire dog pound full of yapping puppies!


Bernie’s newest pals are Phil and Rory. They are HUGE puppies and loads of fun! Bernie loves to boss these two around, even though they are way bigger than him.


We used to think Phil was big….and then came Rory. Rory is only 10 months old and weighs nearly 100 pounds! He is a big love bug .


Bernie wants to be friends with everyone – even a guinea pig! Bernie and Breesy liked to hangout and talk to each other.


Bernie’s world is full of friends, and that is exactly how he likes it.


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