Bernie and the Tooth Fairy

Bernie has always had a perfect smile. He has a very expressive puppy face and it is easy to tell when he is happy!


We have never been able to brush his chompers, but other than a broken bottom canine, his teeth seemed to be A-OK.  They are super sharp and he has never had any trouble eating his treats.


In November, Bernie was at the vet because he was really itchy. While we were there, she looked at his teeth and said they looked good, except for the chip on the bottom.  A few weeks later, we noticed that Bernie’s top front teeth were missing! At first, it looked like they were bent backwards, but when we looked closer, there was something hanging down from the roof of his mouth.


We took him to the vet right away and found out that two teeth were missing and several more were loose! The vet wasn’t sure what was causing this sudden dental issue, so we quickly scheduled a second opinion with Dr. Tom, a vet who specializes in puppy teeth.


Bernie and I both really liked Dr. Tom and the next week we got up very early one day and went to the animal hospital for a dental exam and cleaning and to find out what was wrong with Bernie’s mouth. Word had spread about Bernie’s mouth troubles, and lots of people were praying for him. We didn’t know what to expect, and tried not to fear the worst.


After what seemed like the longest day ever, 5:00 came and we were able to go pick up our puppy from the animal hospital. He was so happy to see us! Dr. Tom was happy too, and told us that Bernie had to have several teeth pulled but he was going to be just fine.


Bernie’s smile is still perfect. He might be missing a few teeth, but he can still eat and play with his squeaky toys and bite (just kidding, he is not going to bite anyone). We are very thankful that we found Dr. Tom and that our puppy is back to feeling like himself again.

Bernie was happy that the Tooth Fairy came! She brought three new toys for him to play with, and he even shared one of them with his friend, Phil.

For a minute.

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