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How Bernie Trained His People

Lots of people train their dogs to do tricks. Bernie can sit, shake and give high fives. His sit and shake happen at the same time which makes it even cuter.

However, I think his most impressive trick is how HE trained US!

We keep the dog cookie jar by our back door – handy for giving treats when good dogs come back inside from doing their business.

Bernie came up with the idea to scratch on the back door as if he really needs to go outside. When we go to let him out, he backs up and looks at the cookie jar! He doesn’t need to go outside – he wants a treat!


Some people think it is “bad” or “annoying” when he does this trick.  (How could this be annoying?) Others of us think that he is very, very smart and that it is amazing how he communicates what he wants.


There are several variations to how Bernie gets the humans to perform. Sometimes he scratches at the door, sometimes he barks, and sometimes he simply sits and looks at the cookie jar. These all result in a treat for Bernie and all of his friends. Smart Bernie!

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