Weekends with Bernie

It is always fun to go places and do things, but my favorite weekends are spent at home hanging out with my puppy friends. Those are Bernie’s favorite weekends too!

Yesterday, we enjoyed watching Beachfront Bargain Hunt on HGTV while I drank my morning coffee. There were dogs running and playing on the beach that got his attention every now and then.


When I am home, we always spend a lot of time playing. Bernie loves his toys, and his green pig is one of his favorites. It “oinks” and he goes crazy playing fetch with it. Yep, it is kind of dirty because he took it on an adventure out in the backyard.


Between doing a few errands, home projects and housework we found time to hangout on the couch and rest.


Bernie takes guard duty seriously and didn’t sleep too long! When he heard the neighbor’s car door, he jumped up to make sure it wasn’t a burglar. Who needs a security system when they have three little yappy friends?


I’m not sure who enjoyed this weekend more – Bernie or me. We had lots of quality time with each other.  I love this little guy!




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